Valley Forge Military Academy and College

There is no time or topic off limits to the HiQ team. And with Academic Excellence as a Cornerstone, the pressure is on VFMA Cadets to do well at it.

HiQ is a test of memory, knowledge, and collaboration on as many as eight different subject areas. The semester matches started with questions on Geography, Ancient World History, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art History, and Literature.

The four-person teams receive study materials in advance of each match. Working in groups, they study and quiz one another to become experts in the subject areas. “It is vast,” said Harry Sokol, VFMA HiQ Coach. “The preparation for the HiQ matches is in addition to the heavy demands of regular study for our Cadets and they do well. They work hard and come prepared.”

In the first match, VFMA held its own coming in behind Notre Dame Academy and PennCrest. The season continues with additional matches later in the year.