Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Since the phrase, “There is no crying in baseball,” was uttered by Tom Hanks in the movie, A League of their Own, it has become the September song for fans across the country.  But not at VFMA.

If you ask Mike Muscella, VFMAC Athletics Director and baseball coach, the baseball team is having a winning season based on the individual progress of each of our players.

“A game score only tells a small part of the story,” said Coach Muscella. “What it doesn’t show is the commitment and resilience that each player has had since the beginning of practice in early March and the ability to rebound from adversity in a positive manner. 

Practice starts in the early spring months when the days are still cold, dark, and sometimes rainy. Those who wanted to play ball showed up and got ready for the season to start.

“The team’s strength has been its consistent pitching through the first 5 games being handled by senior Cooper Reed and sophomore Emanuel Marte. About both players, Coach Muscella pointed out, “Both players have strong arms and perform well for the team in spite of low run production.”

Other notable position players are freshman Outfielder/Catcher Connor Bray who leads the team in hitting and senior Alexander Carl who has become a very dependable relief pitcher.

Despite leaving everything they have on the diamond in every game, the team hasn’t hit well with runners in scoring position – not enough in any game to win, but they have worked extra hours to try and improve their performance. 

“When you think about it, none of these Cadets is likely to become a major league baseball player,” he said. “Think about it a little more and you realize the lessons they have learned from this season, the manner in which they have managed it, and how they have kept at it are those things which will be with them for the remainder of their lives. That is a winning season.”

And besides, there is always next year…