Valley Forge Military Academy and College

With Physical development a Cornerstone of life at VFMAC, making sure the equipment and facilities are in place to support it are crucial.

A generous donation from Alexandra Jimenez and Manuel A. Ojeda, MD PA, parents of VFMA Cadet Gabriel Ojeda, has been contributed so that the Price Hall gym can be refurbished.

“We are so grateful for this gift,” said Mrs. Stephanie M. Helgeson, director of development. “The gym is one place our Cadets like to spend time and it keeps them fit and releases a good bit of their energy in a good way.”

The donation enabled purchase of two new Precor treadmills, an Olympic bar, and 520 pounds of bumper plates. In addition, it has enabled engagement of a contract to maintain the equipment and keep it in top shape.

The new equipment should be in and ready for use by late October.