Access Your Grades

Student Access to Grades

The Student Portal site can be accessed via the internet at

Browsers supported for the Student Portal are:

  • Windows – Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Mac – Safari 3.01 (or greater) and Firefox

Note: When viewing non-English languages users browsing the portals must set their browser to UTF-8 encoding.

Cadet Login to Access Your Grades

The cadet’s Portal Username is exactly the same as your network login account:

1st initial of first name + 1st initial of middle name + last name (ex:John Paul Smith would be jpsmith)

Your Portal Password is your six digit student account # (ex: 146999)

Select the appropriate Term (current term = SP-15)

Additional features include:

*       Course Offering
*       Your course schedule
*       Grades
*       Billing account
*       Financial aid
*       Unofficial transcripts

To report a technical issue, please contact Information Technology Services at (610) 989-1348 or e-mail the Helpdesk

After final grades are made official by the Office of the Registrar, students will have access to view their grades online via their VFMC Student Portal.

Any student who is on a financial hold will not be able to access his/her grades.

Grades will not be provided via phone, email or fax.

Mailing of grades will be done on a per request basis.  Per a student’s request, grades can be mailed to an address provided by the student.


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