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For now, here is something to read about ROTC Early Commissioning: Through Valley Forge Military College’s Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program, you will become a second lieutenant at the end of your sophomore year. This is a rare and prestigious opportunity, and Valley Forge Military College is the only college in the northeastern United States that can make it possible for you.

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This section is in the works, and we will be updating the page as soon as it’s ready!

For now, go ahead and read about the ROTC Early Commissioning Program (ECP) –Cadets at Valley Forge are, without a doubt, the top of the Corps of Cadets. Many hold leadership positions, including Regimental Executive Officer, Infantry Battalion Commander, and Regimental Sergeant Major. Academically, ECP cadets are out front as well. ECP graduates can be found throughout the U.S. Army, leading American soldiers and representing Valley Forge.

If you are accepted to this program, your opportunities upon graduation are best-in-class. As graduates, newly-commissioned second lieutenants serve in National Guard or Army Reserve units as platoon leaders while they complete their bachelor’s degrees at colleges and universities around the nation. During their senior year at their follow-on university, lieutenants who are eligible may compete for active duty with ROTC students in their cohort. When cadets receive their bachelor’s degree, they will continue to serve in the National Guard, in the Reserves, or as active duty in units across the country, around the world, and, in some cases, in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thank you for considering Valley Forge Military College Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program.