We Are Valley Forge Military College

Valley Forge Military College is a private two-year college committed to equipping young men and women to boldly face the challenges of life. It is the Military College of Pennsylvania.™

VFMC is designated as a Pennsylvania National Guard
Friendly School. 

College Overview

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has released Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act, in which allocates a total of $385,652 to Valley Forge Military College. As required in the regulations of the distribution of funds, an institution is required to issue 50% of this allocation to students who meet specific criteria as listed below. The allocation that Valley Forge Military College will issue to the student population totals $192,826. Upon implementation of this policy, the 50% student allocation can be received via G5. The 50% school allocation; which will total $192,826, will then be received afterwards and is to be used for operational expenses.

Download CARES Act Awarding Policy & Procedures

CARES Act Reporting Compliance
Valley Forge Military College is required by the CARES Act to report institutional usage of the funds allocated to it under that act.  The college was granted $192,826 under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act and $114,348 under Section 18004(a)(3) of the CARES Act.  The expenditure of those funds is outlined using the required federal reporting document and is available by clicking here.

A Vision for Your Life

Picture yourself two years from now. Confident. Strong in mind, body and soul. Leading groups of your peers, and being respected for it. The best version of yourself.

This future is possible. The way forward is not easy, but we can help you.

The key to becoming the best version of yourself is mastering self-discipline. This is extremely difficult to do on your own. And it is why Valley Forge exists. We are a community that is committed to developing the whole person.

The daily habits and rhythms you will learn at Valley Forge will stick with you for life, through any circumstance. You will be made stronger, able to thrive in the face of all kinds of challenges.

And the first step is easy: Contact us. Schedule a visit. Talk to a graduate. And see how you could become your best self.

States and 20 Countries Comprise Current Student Body

Only College in the Northeast with Early Commissioning


Teacher to Student Ratio

Only Junior Military College with CAE2Y in Cybersecurity

Cadets Building their Future Right Now

Our Grads Rule

Written by Katie Wallace ’18C
Graduate of Army ROTC ECP
Currently studying at Northeastern University

“During my time at Valley Forge I studied Health and Biological Sciences and I was a cadet Major who served as the Regimental Public Affairs Officer. The school provided me with many mentors and opportunities to better myself. Thanks to the ECP program, I am attending Northeastern University and studying biology on full scholarship!”

Positioned for Success

We have a long tradition of graduating leaders with the self-discipline, personal character, knowledge and motivation to excel in a broad range of careers. The military structure and discipline of the College lay a foundation for our graduates to succeed in a four-year college, in the workforce, or in military service. And cadets may pursue a degree either as commuter students or residents on campus.

Valley Forge Military College is the only college in the northeast with an Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program. This program gives cadets the rare opportunity to be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army by the end of their sophomore year.

Begin the application process today.

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