Are You A Commonwealth Scholar?

The Pennsylvania Legislative Appointment Initiative (LAI) currently allows each of Pennsylvania’s 203 Representatives, and 50 Senators, to appoint a student from their district as the Commonwealth Scholar for guaranteed admission and a guaranteed partial scholarship to Valley Forge Military College – The Military College of Pennsylvania™. A student awarded the Legislative Appointment Initiative Scholarship may receive the award for up to two years.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative Appointment Initiative

Am I eligible to apply?

The Legislative Scholarship is only available to Pennsylvania residents only at Valley Forge Military College, The Military College of Pennsylvania™. The minimum academic requirements are a cumulative high school GPA of 2.50 (on a 4.0 scale) and a combined verbal and math SAT score of 1000 (or an ACT score of 17).

You can apply directly through your local state representative’s or senator’s office or you can apply for the program by applying first to Valley Forge.

YOU MUST BE A PENNSYLVANIA RESIDENT! You also must be a legal resident of the district from where you apply.

When can I apply?
You can apply at any time during your senior year up until July1st of the year you wish to attend.

What does the application process entail?
You can apply online or receive your application from your local Representative or Senator. In addition to the basic application, each legislator’s selection committee may require additional information to make their selection.

What is the award amount?
Applicants who are nominated by their legislator can receive a maximum award of $12,000.00 per academic year.

How can I find out who my legislators are?

You can find out who your legislators are by visiting, you can search by address, county or zip code. You can also contact the Valley Forge Military College LAI coordinator Mr. Dylan Hileman via email or by phone at (610) 989-1402 and he will be able to assist.

I don’t qualify for the Legislative Appointment Initiative Scholarship is there other financial aid available?

Yes! Please contact us! We have many options for qualified students! (610) 989-1300.


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