Pathways Program

Forge Your Future. Find Your Path.

The Pathways Program is an alternate to the Corps of Cadets, designed to foster personal growth.

The College

Want to go to a college that not only opens academic doors for your next steps, but also builds strength and friendships that will never fail?

The Pathways Program

At Valley Forge Military College we provide students with a holistic education – building leaders of character. VFMC has a long tradition of instilling values and skills in our students preparing them to be tomorrow’s effective leaders in a broad spectrum of industries.

VFMC now provides students with two programs to choose from in pursuing their goals; the Corps of Cadets and the Pathways Program.

As an alternative to the Corps of Cadets, the Pathways Program is designed to prepare students for their future goals by fostering personal growth, and by instilling values and skills that will prepare them in their future pursuits.  This program approaches growth through emphasizing a structured environment that develops ones character, integrity, teamwork, service and leadership skills through additional academic programming and daily living standards. Community service, goal setting, and personal development are some of the main components of our new program.  These attributes will be carried out through the prism of our Five Cornerstones:  Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development and Leadership.

The Pathways Program will remain steeped in the values and honor of VFMC, while continuing to provide students with an experience beyond the classroom.  This addition to the VFMC community will provide our students the opportunity to learn from one another, share ideas, and co-exist in a collaborative, cooperative environment.

We do all we can to assist the student in developing necessary social and life skills that align our core values.


Along with the academic program of study, all students enrolled in the Pathways Program must complete additional requirements for graduation and adhere to standards in support of their development, including:


  • 40 hours of community service
  • 3 credits of physical education
  • Leadership practicum

Program Standards

  • Follow dress code and grooming standards of program
  • Accomplish personal goal setting
  • Adhere to quiet study hours
  • Honor the flag and Taps
  • Participate in weekly clean-up of living space
  • Be respectful of VFMAC customs and traditions
  • Complete etiquette workshops