Valley Forge Military Academy and College

The Development office is having a busy spring. The annual VFMAC Golf Classic dedicated to scholarships for Cadets has connected with the community and alumni resulting in significant sponsorships and participation, all benefitting Cadets.

“We are so grateful to all of those who are contributing large and small to the Golf Classic,” said Stephanie M. Helgeson, director of development. “What we hear from those who reach out to us is that they recognize the value of a VFMAC education and want to contribute so that it continues for Cadets who may not be able to attend were it not for the scholarships.”

Among the Golf Classic sponsors are Naming Sponsor: Riley Riper, Hollin & Colagreco and Title sponsors Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Mr. John English, and Terra Technical Services, Inc.

Additional sponsors are the Courage, Honor, Conquer sponsors, including The Haverford Trust Company, J Kent McNew Foundation, Lintons Food Service, and Friedman Schuman & Robert Bacine, Esq., ’60.

The Buff & Blue sponsors are Rockwell Custom and Silverang, Rosenzweig & Haltzman, LLC. The Capshield sponsor is Ms. Joan Taylor. The Reveille sponsors are Mr. George Schildge and Mr. Ken Stein.

The Accurate Drive Contest is sponsored by Amy & Eric Saul and The Longest Drive Contest is sponsored by Greg & Kate Rau and Hanover Uniforms.

The tee sponsors are Tom Goldblum, Thomas L. Smith, Christine Royce, Dwight Meyer, Lori Namerow, Irvin H Hahn Co., The MCS Group, Inc., Mary Jo Doyle, and Tony’s Home Services.

“With more than 100 golfers teeing off, the event promises a bright future for many Cadets.” said Mrs. Helgeson.

Apart from the Golf Classic, our benefactors continue to contribute all to the benefit of the institution. In addition to the financial support, VFMAC receives gifts in-kind or gifts assigned to specific purposes. Among those gifts include a grand piano gifted to the institution by a faculty member. It will be housed in the band hall and used daily for rehearsal with the band and or choral cadets.

Another gift visible from the parade grounds is a carving of a Cadet created with great skill from an oak tree which otherwise would have been eliminated. The gift in-kind is from Mark D’Andrea ’85.“Words of thanks are not near enough to describe the gratitude we have for those who support VFMAC with their gifts,” said Ms. Helgeson. “However, the best form of thanks is an opportunity to share in the success of our graduates – who live out the benefit of their education from these gifts.”