Valley Forge Military Academy and College

VFMA football has a new turf field for this season, 30 new players on the roster, and a schedule that has them playing traditionally challenging teams. It is what Francis Bowe,

Assistant to Athletic Director calls a young team.

“Less than 30 percent of the team has any football experience at all,” he said. “However, the team has shown the ability to compete at a high level so far this season.” The team is led by Head Coach Mike Muscella, Robert Rosato, Charles Bradbury and Mr. Bowe.

The team has (at the time of publication) one win and one loss in the last minute of play. Coach Bowe said despite putting 38 points on the board in game one of the season (a loss for VFMA), “The tough loss gave validation for the efforts that have been put forth by the team,” he said. “It did provide a good foundation for the rest of the season.”

Overall, the team will play six games against DELCO Christian, Mercersburg Academy, The Perkiomen School, Randolph Macon Academy from Virginia, The Model School for the Deaf from Maryland, and The Maryland School for the Deaf from Washington, D.C.

“With bothschools for the deaf, we have been asked whether there is a different preparation in practice than there is for other teams with no hearing impairment,” said Coach Bowe. “We found that the football preparation was the same as in any

contest, but the life lesson on how individuals overcome personal challenges,

taught a significant life lesson for all our players.”

Despite the relative football inexperience, Coach Bowe is impressed with all of the members on the roster as well as seniors who are stepping up to lead. “Many members of the team are just starting out and they are here, willing to put on the pads, take practice and work toward improvement. This current group of players has met the challenge of inexperience head on and became a competitive unit in a very short period of time,” he said.

Other than the playbook, the Five Cornerstones are a large part of football. “By its nature, football supports the Five Cornerstones easily through the need be in top physical shape through practice time and game competition,” he said. “Then there is the need to be mentally alert during all the competitive drills and games, to accept victory graciously and overcome the adversity of defeat and show a good example to others through good sportsmanship.”

As the season progresses, the team deserves kudos for its competitive spirit, desire to accomplish a significant goal, and exhibit overall perseverance. Go Trojans!