Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Giving Tuesday, held annually the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, was overwhelmingly successful for VFMAC.

The day started with a gracious donation of $25,000 from Mr. Phillip Fayer, VFMA ’96. Based in Westmount, QC Canada, Mr. Fayer is CEO of a company he founded known as Whiskey Papa Foxtrot, Inc. The gift got the day off to a strong start and it grew from there.

The intention was to use funds raised from Giving Tuesday to replace two heavily worn vehicles – one used for security patrols and the other used to transport Cadets. Giving Tuesday brought this into being and resulted in two additional vehicles being added.

“Academy parent judith m krupnick (sic) president of Cherry Hill Volvo heard of the need and offered to donate two vehicles to VFMAC,” said Mrs. Stephanie M. Helgeson, director of development. “Both are beautiful and safe Volvo SUVs. This generous donation enabled the cash raised on Giving Tuesday to be directed to additional vehicles which are also very much needed.”

With a sum of $73,000 raised on Giving Tuesday, one additional van has been purchased and will be used to transport Cadets on field trips, sports and academic events, among many other activities.  

Facilities has long desired a vehicle known as a utility terrain vehicle. The UTV offers multi-seasonal uses. “During the winter, snow has been cleared by facilities personnel using shovels – a time and back-breaking job made more difficult by the uneven brick walkways across campus,” said Mr. George Else, director of facilities. “The UTV will be able to clear snow quickly, efficiently, and with less human power than shoveling requires.”

Other uses include support of overall groundskeeping, and transporting equipment across the campus to locations not accessible to other vehicles. Another feature is an electronic winch system which, using a crank, can haul or lift heavy items using a cable, chain or rope.

“We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of parents and graduates and others who so generously donate to VFMAC,” said Mrs. Helgeson. “Each donation helps us improve the education and campus all on behalf of our Cadets.” A big thank you to all who were part of Giving Tuesday.