Valley Forge Military Academy and College

An anonymous gift from a VFMAC parent means VFMAC will soon have a greenhouse!

VFMA seniors and members of the Garden Club work on Thursday afternoons during the Life Skills program to build it. It is located in the rear of Shannon Hall. When complete, the green house will be home to flowers, herbs, and basic vegetables.

“This is a very unique and much welcomed donation,” said Mrs. Stephanie Helgeson, VFMAC director of development. “While all gifts support the overall Corps of Cadets, this is unique because our current Cadets will bring it to life and establish plantings which future Cadets can then tend.”

Cadets incorporate environmental awareness into their day by turning off lights when leaving rooms, having reusable water bottles and leading a recycling initiative.

“This greenhouse will literally bring to life the very real concepts of how what some of the things Cadets experience actually have their beginnings,” said Ms. Lauren Wochok, dean of VFMA. “The herbs and vegetables to be grown here, and the tending they require will bring new appreciation of the work certain foods require before getting to their plates.”

The greenhouse is a senior project and is expected to be completed by the end of the spring semester.