Valley Forge Military Academy and College

It is the first place visitors to VFMAC see on arrival here. Parents drop off their Cadets here. Employees park here. The Kuncl Lot is the front door for VFMAC.

And P-Company – the parent company to all current Cadets – has adopted the area as a special project to enhance and improve the area.

Spearheaded by Mr. Mike Hartel, P-company has plans to replace the awning over the waiting area, improve the lighting there, add a three-dimensional sign to the side of the building with Courage Honor Conquer. Additional plans include repainting the parking lot lines and the curbs, fixing and painting area fences, sheltering various storage areas, and fixing a railing along a walkway.

“This is P-company’s way of supporting VFMAC,” said Mr. Hartel. “We want it to be a welcoming area for all parents and all visitors.”

P-company is raising the funds to support the initiative and plans to complete the work in collaboration with facilities director, George Else. A generous donation by Mr. Dean Laskaris will pay for the new awning.

“We have a wonderful group of parents,” said Mrs. Stephanie M. Helgeson, director of development. “They entrust their children to us and take great pride in VFMAC. We could not be more grateful.”

Parent volunteers expect to begin the project in the spring.