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“It is a great honor to have my name on the Center that will help dedicated young men and women think about how to promote peace and advance security for our nation and all humanity.”
– LTG H.R. McMaster ’80, ‘17HC

The College

Want to go to a college that not only opens academic doors for your next steps, but also builds strength and friendships that will never fail?

The H.R. McMaster Center for Security Studies at Valley Forge Military College

The McMaster Center is truly a center of excellence. It provides non-partisan, research-driven academic programs to prepare future leaders in the fields of national security, criminal justice, intelligence, and cybersecurity. It develops training and education programs for VFMC cadets, as well as law enforcement agencies, business executives, national security professionals, policy makers, and others.

The McMaster Center produces the “blended” national security professional, one who can function across the full spectrum of private or public agencies—they are equally successful whether in the executive boardroom, on a network, at an analyst’s desk, or on the battlefield. Ultimately, The McMaster Center aims to be the preeminent, internationally recognized center of academic excellence in national security, criminal justice, intelligence, and cybersecurity. To accomplish this vision, it is divided into two focus areas – National Security and Cybersecurity – and has three core competencies:

The capability to seamlessly merge perspectives from scholars and practitioners into coherent training and educational programs.


Introduction to Cyber Security (Online)

Open to the public

Cost: $120

6 Weeks, Monday Nights from 6pm – 8pm

Start Date: September 13, 2021

Leo Kennedy,  Instructor

Areas of Discussion:

  • What is Cybersecurity and what are the current issues in cyber-warfare?
  • Cyber-attacks, cyber-terrorism, and cyber-warfare; how is information encrypted and defended?
  • How do devices communicate and how do you leave a digital footprint online and on devices?
  • Analyzing risks and determining defense strategies.
  • What is the internet of things?

Leadership of the Founding Fathers (Online)

Open to the public

Cost: $120

6 Weeks, Wednesday Nights from 6-8pm

Start Date: September 15, 2021

Dr. Robert Smith, Instructor

Areas of Discussion:

  • How did the Founders overcome so many difficult obstacles in finance, logistics, and warfare?
  • What were the Founders’ ideals and character traits?
  • What management strategies can be learned from the Founders?
  • How can the Founders ideas be applied to modern lives?

Past Classes

Homeland Security and Emergency Management (Online)

Digital Forensics (Online)

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