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“It is a great honor to have my name on the Center that will help dedicated young men and women think about how to promote peace and advance security for our nation and all humanity.”
– LTG H.R. McMaster ’80, ‘17HC

The College

Want to go to a college that not only opens academic doors for your next steps, but also builds strength and friendships that will never fail?

Homeland Security and Emergency Management (Online)

Open to the public

Cost: $120 $60

6 Weeks, Thursday Nights from 7pm – 8pm

Start Date: March 11, 2021

Instructor: Jonathan Duecker

Areas of Discussion

  1. Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Preparedness
  2. Crisis Response, Consequence Management, and Incident Command
  3. Preparing for and Responding to Local Incidents (i.e. Active Shooter)
  4. The Role of Intelligence in Homeland Security and Crisis Response
  5. Homeland Security against Transnational Threats (i.e. Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Transnational Criminal Organizations (Cartels), Human Trafficking etc.)

Jonathan Duecker

Assistant Professor of Security Studies
Valley Forge Military College

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