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National Board ECP Awardees

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Contact Karen Fluck, the Senior ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer at: kfluck@vfmac.edu or 610-989-1445.

National Board ECP Awardees

National Winners of the Early Commissioning Program Ike Skelton Scholarship may choose which one of the four Military Junior Colleges they would like to use their scholarship to attend.

Financially, VFMC is a great choice because the school grants a room and board scholarship to all students that contract with an Ike Skelton scholarship. That means that you will be able to pocket most, if not all, of your $420 per month stipend, $1200 per year book allowance and approximately $300 per month drill pay as a college student.

VFMC is also located in one of the premier locations in the country to go to school with at least 13 colleges and universities also located in the surrounding area in a suburban region just 15 miles west of Philadelphia.

Our cadets have a record of excellence at VFMC. This year one of our MS IV cadets received the coveted RECONDO badge at Advanced camp, and one of our MS III cadets received Honor Grad from Basic Camp while at Fort Knox summer training. This summer, we also had two cadets complete Air Assault School and four cadets earned their Airborne wings. Upon graduation, many of our cadets go on to complete their Bachelor’s degree at top tier universities to include: Cornell, Columbia, William and Mary, Baylor, Syracuse, Villanova, Penn State, Norwich, Ohio State, Pitt, and many others.

If you would like more information, contact the Senior ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer at: kfluck@vfmac.edu or 610-989-1445.

Congratulations on receiving a National Board ECP scholarship offer! The following paperwork is necessary for us to have on file in order to slot you for Basic Camp this summer and for you to contract into the Army in the fall.


  1. National Board Winner Paper Work Checklist
  2. VFMC ECP National Winners General Information Form
  3. Cadet Application & Enrollment Record (section 1 on pg 1 and all of pg 2 with a signature)
  4. Police Record Check (Fill out the top portion and sign. You do not need to take it to the police station.)
  5. Direct Deposit (pg 1 with your signature and a bank signature)
  6. W-4 2021 (pg1 with a signature)
  7. Dental Records Memo
  8. State of Legal Residence
  9. Mini Registration
  10. DD Form 2005
  11. Service Members Life Insurance
  12. Original Birth certificate and Social Security Card (Policy states that we must make the copy of the original to ensure no tampering or altering of the document. I will return the original via FEDEX and provide you the tracking #).
  13. Copy of state or federally issued ID card
  14. Copy of High School Transcript (Army ROTC Dept. needs our own copy)
  15. SAT and/or ACT scores (Army ROTC Dept. needs our own copy)
  16. Copy of your immunizations

Mail to: VFMC ROTC, 1001 Eagle Road, Wayne, PA 19087
*This paperwork is for the Army. Valley Forge Military College is a private school with a separate application. Make sure to also apply to Valley Forge Military College through the admissions office or apply to the school on-line here.

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