Campus Safety & Security

Campus Security Message

Safety issues remain the number one concern of parents with children attending any boarding school or college. With this consideration in mind, we are continuing to review our security posture. This note serves as a reminder of our ongoing efforts to insure a safe environment for our cadets and employees.

The process to analyze and update our security measures began in May 2006, and we are continuing to move forward with drills, improvements, and implementation. Our security posture was greatly enhanced last year with addition of a security camera system in all the barracks and in many public areas. Campus Security, however, will always be a work in progress, and policies and procedures will continue to evolve and be refined over time.

Faculty, staff, alumni, parents, guest and cadets without exception are to adhere to campus security policies and procedures. As a reminder, you will continue to see and/or experience some or all of the following:

  • Closed gates at night
  • Limiting vehicular access to the main campus
  • Upgraded campus lighting
  • Security Cameras operating throughout the campus, to include all the barracks
  • A campus identification system, where staff and faculty wear a campus ID, issued by the Commandant’s Office
  • With the exception of ceremonial and formal events, uniformed staff and faculty will display their ID at all times
  • Officer-in-Charge (OIC) personnel will wear badges, belts and carry flashlights
  • Visitors (including prospective cadets and families) will report to the Office of Admissions in Medenbach Hall during normal office hours to be issued a Visitor’s Pass
  • After normal office hours, visitors will report to the OIC in Lee Hall and be issued a Visitor’s Pass
  • Visitor logs will be maintained by the departments issuing passes
  • All persons may be asked to produce their identification at any time they are on campus and state their business
  • Cadets and Staff will stop and offer assistance to any visitor without an ID. Visitors will be politely directed to Medenbach or Lee Hall to obtain a Visitor’s Pass
  • Visitors not in compliance will be asked to comply or depart the campus
  • Non-compliance or chronic non-compliance with visitor’s regulations may result in a campus ban
  • Unauthorized use of employee identification by any person or persons will not be tolerated and may result in a campus ban

The safety and well-being of our cadets and employees is one of our major priorities. As we continue to improve our security posture, my administration and I appreciate your cooperation and support. If you have questions about the new campus security system, please contact the Commandant’s Office at any time.

Security Services

We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for the diverse population that comprises our campus community. VFMAC is proud of its security record and of the measures it has implemented to sustain that record. The campus will seek to maintain and improve its security precautions and to continue its efforts to provide its students, faculty and staff with sufficient safety.

The Commandant of Cadets is responsible for security on campus, and directly supervises the staff, which provides 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service. The campus security staff consists of six full-time and two part-time security officers, study hall supervisors and tactical officers.

Personal Safety

The security services are complimented by 24-hour, 7-day-a-week emergency medical treatment in the campus infirmary. Around-the-clock transportation is available for injured students either on request or by emergency. As non-life-threatening circumstances are handled by the campus health center, the local hospital is only minutes away for all other incidents. The medical staff at the campus health center also provides basic first aid training to security personnel.

The institution also enjoys complete cooperation with local police authorities who assist as needed. All crimes involving violence, major property loss or any felonies are immediately reported by the Commandant to the Township Police.

Because of the relatively small cadet student body and staff community, it is easy to ensure identification of any unauthorized individuals. All unauthorized persons are interviewed by security officers who take the appropriate course of action.

Visitors on campus are required to report to Lee Hall for check in and out. Visiting hours are until 5:30 p.m. each day.

Campus Safety

Although the outside doors to each barracks are open, adult presence is provided to ensure security. During evening hours, the night TAC officer is present to monitor access until 1:00 a.m, and a third-shift of adult supervision is on staff during the overnight hours. Contracted night security officers provide campus security in and around the barracks from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. At no time are outside guests permitted inside the barracks unless an appointment has been made with the tactical officer. Each room is secured by an in-door combination lock with the security team and tactical officers having access to a passkey for emergency entry.

All buildings and grounds are maintained by the Facilities and Services department and inspected on a daily basis with a concern to safety and security. Inspections include review of lighting systems and repair of broken windows, doors and locks.

Fire Safety

Since fire is a concern to everyone, each student company performs fire drills, and buildings are equipped with up-to-date fire alarms and extinguishers. Fire and security procedures are thoroughly explained and reviewed at the beginning of each school year.

Any questions or comments regarding VFMAC’s safety and security practices and procedures can be directed to the Commandant’s Office at (610) 989-1276. Other telephone numbers of interest are as follows:
 Health Center – (610) 989-1515; Security Office – (610) 989-1258