Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Behind the Scenes at VFMAC, Where In-Person Instruction Continues by Virtue of Exemplary Planning

Valley Forge Military Academy and College was recently featured in an article by VISTA.Today, highlighting our successful Fall semester of in-person education– COVID free! Below is an excerpt from the story.

With a comprehensive and disciplined plan of risk assessment and management, Valley Forge Military Academy and College has been able to provide in-person instruction to all its cadets during the current school year without incurring any COVID-19 cases among cadets or staff.

Like all other schools, VFMAC switched to remote learning last March, as cadets spent the remainder of the academic year online rather than on campus. The challenges of learning away from the classroom were evident in the lack of social interaction, the absence of physical training, and a decline for some in terms of academic performance.

“We received feedback from parents that their sons didn’t do as well online,” said Colonel Stuart Helgeson, VFMAC President. “So, in June, we made the decision that we were going to bring everyone back.”

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