Diversity is strength.


Discipline, structure and teamwork don’t care where you were born. Students from around the world come to Valley Forge to prepare for success in life.

H.R. McMaster Center for Security Studies

International Student Checklist

The following information is to be used to assist you in the application process to Valley Forge Military College.

While this will include most of the requirements for Admission, every application is reviewed individually. Some applicants may require more or less information. This will not be determined until an Admissions Officer has reviewed the application.


  • Application for the College
  • Application fee: $25
  • High School Transcript (in English)
  • All international applicants are required to submit a score from a Standardized Test (TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT)
  • One Student Evaluation Form or Recommendation Letter
  • Copy of bio section of passport (Photo Page)
  • International student request form
  • Bank Statement (in English and US dollars). A letter from the bank is NOT sufficient
  • Contact information for any family or agents in the United States
  • All international students must attend the ESL Summer Program
  • Complete an interview (Skype available)

Please do not hesitate to contact Erica Diaz with any questions via email: ediaz@vfmac.edu or by phone: 610-989-1561.

Valley Forge Military Academy and College