2019 Day Camps

Crossed Rifles Camp

Rising 6th-11th Graders

Crossed Rifles Camp-Rising 6th-11th Graders

Character Development through marksmanship

The mission of this two week summer camp program is to teach young people character development through Marksmanship.
This vision of the program is to use teachable fundamentals of marksmanship to instill or reinforce basic tenets of pro-social behavior and etiquette.

The Marksmanship program will focus on:

  • The Safe handling and manipulation of firearms
  • Core Values
  • Discipline and Precision
  • Competition

Every day campers will get hands on experience with firearms. The first two days are dedicated to instruction and dry-fire manipulation of firearms based on the United States Marine Corps method of instruction for primary marksmanship. The following three days will be dedicated to teaching and practical application of the prone position, sitting position and kneeling position.

During the second week campers will qualify with a semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle (M16 A4 carbine variant) based on modified United States Marine Corps qualification standards. Each camper will have the opportunity to apply knowledge precision and discipline gained during the first week of camp to compete for the honors of camp high marksman and will qualify as a marksman, sharpshooter or expert.

The campers will be introduced to two other .22 caliber platforms over the remainder of their camp; intermediate and precision competition rifles. During the course of the two week program campers will also have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of archery and participate in an archery competition. One hour of every day will be dedicated toward learning a Core value and understanding its purpose as the camper interacts with peers and later…parents!

Campers must participate in both weeks of this camp. There is a co ed day program for rising 6th-11th graders or a boys only overnight option for the same age group . Our camp tuition covers all meals, room and board, field trips and camp T-shirts. If you would like to put money on your campers cadet store account for apparel and other items, please click here!