Form Lasting Friendships

Tackle new heights at Valley Forge Summer Camp! Campers GROW, DISCOVER new abilities such as strength and endurance, and DEVELOP friendships that will last a lifetime.

Summer Camp

Why Valley Forge Summer Camp?

The Experience Of A Lifetime

Valley Forge Summer Camp is located at the Valley Forge Military Academy & College in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Our beautiful 100-acre campus, located in the famous Main Line section of suburban Philadelphia, houses a variety of playing fields, stables, and swimming pools.

Great facilities, outstanding staff and wonderful campers, Valley Forge Summer Camp is a special place where campers grow, discover new abilities and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Your child will learn new skills, gain confidence and participate in activities that will assist them in becoming successful in all they do.

With a strong focus on Leadership and confidence, and the experienced staff at our disposal, we work hard to develop campers that can work not just independently but as a team also. Your child will head home more confident and displaying leadership qualities to help them into life’s next chapter. From day camp to overnight camp, from academic enrichment to fitness training, we are excited to welcome kids of all ages to our summer camps. Our camp offers something unique for everyone, including making friends from across the country and even from around the world!

Learn more by visiting our campus, or contacting us at or 610-989-1253.

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Reasons to Choose Valley Forge Summer Camp

Your 6 to 17 year-old will embark on an extraordinary journey where they will reinforce their talents, learn new skills, try new activities, and develop necessary leadership qualities to boost confidence and performance in all areas of school and at home.

Fun and Safe

We offer a fun and safe environment where campers can build self-confidence and leadership while trying new and exciting challenges and learning skills with counselors and campers from around the block – and around the world. Our day camp is for 6-14 year olds, and our overnight/sleep-away camps are for boys 9-17 year olds.

Enrichment Activities

From June 18th to July 16th we offer enrichment activities that will enhance your camper experience at summer camp. With undertakings such as marksmanship, horsemanship, discover SCUBA, band, and cooking. Your camper is sure to find something new and exciting to try. Additionally we offer academic courses as well for those campers who need some extra help over the summer. With Math, English, and SAT Prep courses offered and catered to your camper’s level, your camper will get additional support to give them a jump start for the beginning of the school year.

Opportunity to Try Something New

Valley Forge’s campus has a unique variety of activities that separate us from other local day camps, including paintball, a 40 foot rock climbing and rappelling wall, high ropes and low ropes, and a military style obstacle course! All of these are included as part of your campers week at Valley Forge.

Extras Included

At no extra charge VF Summer Day Camp includes early drop off (starting at 7am), late pickup (till 6pm), daily hot buffet lunch, and three t-shirts.

Our Overnight Camp includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our Mess hall provides a fantastic balance of foods giving our campers multiple choices of hot or cold foods for every meal. Nutrition and a healthy diet are available for our fitness camp with a full salad bar and multiple energy restoring hot meals.

VF Summer Overnight Camp includes trips to a variety of places including, Six Flags Great Adventure, Dorney Park, Guppy Gulch, white water rafting, local sporting events, Sky Zone, Marsh Creek State Park and movie trips to see the latest hit movies. With a trip a least once a week, your camper has the opportunity to get off campus and have fun with all his friends at camp! It also gives the campers an opportunity to practice the leadership and decisive thinking that we coach them all through summer but in a public environment.

VF Summer Day Camp also includes trips. Each week, campers get the chance to go off campus and take a trip on Thursdays. Campers attend Marsh Creek State Park where they have the chance to go canoeing, swim in the pools and splash park, and enjoy a day outdoors! On the alternating weeks, campers go to Sky Zone Trampoline Park where they can bounce in the main trampoline area, play basketball and Dodgeball and practice there flips! Lunch provided. On the last Thursday of day camp, we will take campers to Hershey Park to celebrate all of their accomplishments during the summer!

Flexible Schedule

We pride ourselves on fun and flexibility. For Day Camp, June 18 – August 3, you choose the duration for your son or daughter – from 1 week – 7 weeks and anything in between. For our overnight camps, June 17 – July 20, choose from 1 week to 5 weeks. For any of our camps, you can mix and match weeks to best fit your family’s summer plans.


We are immensely proud of our diverse and hardworking summer staff. With a selection of international, American college students, teachers and home grown cadets from Valley Forge Military Academy & College we provide the experience and cultural expertise from all corners of the globe.

For the Fitness camp we have an experienced blend of fitness instructors and past cadets, this ensures not only that our campers will receive correct and current instructions to get the best workout but also learn discipline and relentless determination to succeed.

All of our staff have the same background checks that are required to be an employee of the school, which include, child abuse clearance, FBI fingerprinting, PA Criminal Background Check, and Previous Employment Recommendation.

Choose Your Camp!

Build confidence and instill a sense of accomplishment

The main objective of our camp is to build confidence and instill a sense of accomplishment in our campers. Confidence can only be built on a foundation of success that demands hard work. We offer serious challenges while providing excellent counselors who are positive and who work with the campers to ensure their success. The overall result is physical improvements, increased sense of leadership, and a rock solid belief that all set goals can be accomplished.

Call our camp office at 610-989-1253 or email us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Overnight Camp

Our summer fitness camp program will challenge your son and when they complete our camp successfully, their self image will improve and their confidence will begin to grow laying a solid foundation for their high school years and on. Register for 5 weeks, 4 weeks, or pick the weeks that work for your family.

Overnight Fitness Camp Cost

$5,000 for 5 weeks, $4,200 for 4 weeks, $1,075 for 1 week sessions. Weekly sessions run Sunday-Friday. Mix and match one week sessions to meet your needs.

Overnight Camp Dates

  • 5 weeks: June 17 – July 20 (Best Value!)
  • 4 weeks: June 17 – July 13
  • 4 weeks: June 24 – July 20
  • Week 1: June 17 – June 22
  • Week 2: June 24 – June 29
  • Week 3: July 1 – July 6
  • Week 4: July 8 – July 13
  • Week 5: July 15 – July 20

Learn more about our age group options below or click here to register.

Junior Fitness Camp (Boys 9 – 13 years old)

Junior Fitness Camp is a great opportunity to give your camper their first experience away from home. We combine a level of discipline with a plethora of fun to make sure that your camper has the best experience

possible. With bed and room inspections, forming up from activity to activity, and being responsible for organizing their laundry, your child will learn what it means to be responsible for themselves with the
guidance from our experienced counselors.

Days are filled with sports, paintball, ropes, and swimming activities, while the evenings have movies, time in our camper lounge, bonfires, and more! Each week, campers will participate in a weekly boot camp work out with our physical training staff to get a taste of what the fitness camp would be like in the future.

Campers are able to go to their counselors with any questions or concerns. Our staff is available 24 hours a day and willing to assist in any way possible to make this a great experience for your son. All counselors are first aid and CPR certified and experienced in dealing with homesickness, bullying, and reluctance to participate. The counselors seek to draw out the best in each of our campers.

Junior Fitness Camp Schedule




Wake up


1st Mess (Breakfast)


Premium Activity #1 or Lacrosse


Premium Activity #2 or Football


2nd Mess (Lunch)


Ropes or Adventure Activity


Kickball or Sports Activity




3rd Mess (Dinner)


Bonfire, Group Activity, or Sports Contest


Room Inspection and Personal Hygiene


Lights Out

Phone Calls Home

All campers will have the opportunity to call home two to three nights per week. A specific schedule will be given out to each family when the camper arrives of what nights they can call home based on what camp they are in.

Fitness Camp (Boys 14 – 17 years old)

Through active participation, our camp strives to increase the self-confidence and self-image of our campers. Camaraderie and leadership are forged through shared experiences and challenges. Campers build friendships and are empowered to positively and successfully face the educational and social challenges of high school.

Campers participate in a plethora of activities on our 100 acre campus, including rock climbing, repelling, paintball, trust falls, sports, and much more!

Valley Forge Fitness Camp aims to provide leadership opportunities for your camper in a safe and exciting environment. The camp provides a taste of the structured learning environment found at Valley Forge Military Academy & College.

Schedule of a Typical day at Camp




Wake Up


Morning Formation/Workout


1st Mess (breakfast)


Personal Inspection


Premium Activity or Sports Activity


Premium Activity or Sports Activity


2nd Mess (lunch)


Commandant’s Time-Cadet Store


Period 3 – Obstacle Course, Hill Workouts, Tire Relays


Period 4 – Weight Room or Boot Camp Workout


Period 5- Speed Track Workout, Speed and Agility Workouts

**3rd Mess – Dinner Break**


Period 6 – Swimming




Commandant’s Time, Personal Hygiene (2230-Lights Out)

Phone Calls Home

All campers will have the opportunity to call home two to three nights per week. A specific schedule will be given out to each family when the camper arrives of what nights they can call home based on what camp they are in.

Day Camp

Valley Forge Summer Camp offers a fun, and safe environment, located on the campus of Valley Forge Military Academy & College in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Our beautiful 100-acre campus, located on the famous Main Line section of suburban Philadelphia, houses a variety of playing fields, stables, and swimming pools. Your camper will grow, discover new abilities and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Valley Forge Day Camp is for boys & girls ages 6-14. Valley Forge offers a wide variety of activities and sports for your child. Our fees include lunch, three (3) t-shirts, and an extended day program that offers early drop-off at 7am and late pickup at 6pm, along with a variety of daily activities, sports instruction, swimming, and adventure activities.

Our weekly schedule and flexible pricing allow you and your child to mix and match the weeks that work best for your family.

Day Camp Dates

  • Week 1: June 18 – June 22
  • Week 2: June 25 – June 29
  • Week 3: July 2 – July 6  (No camp July 4.)
  • Week 4: July 9 – July 13
  • Week 5: July 16 – July 20
  • Week 6: July 23 – July 27
  • Week 7: July 30 – August 3

We are currently accepting applications for Summer 2018. You may complete applications online or by picking up a copy while visiting Valley Forge on a camp tour or at a camp fair.

Learn more about the Day Camp below or click here to register.

What is Included In the Day Camp?

Soccer, tennis, rugby, basketball, high/low ropes courses, paintball, rock climbing, rappelling, swimming (both indoor and outdoor), lacrosse, football, archery, and our famous obstacle course.

In addition, each Thursday is field trip day. Our field trips will rotate between Marsh Creek State Park, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, and an end of summer amusement park trip.

On Friday’s all campers take part in our exciting and challenging Field Day. With tug-of-war, dizzy bat, musical chairs and many more events we divide the campers into teams and do battle for the perfect way to end the week!

Valley Forge Summer Camp is a special place where campers grow, discover new abilities and develop friendships. Your child will learn new skills, gain confidence and participate in activities that will assist them in becoming successful in all they do.

Day Camp Pricing

Our pricing model provides you with the ability to choose the duration that works for your family and within your budget. Our 7 week option provides the best value.

$2,730 for 7 weeks, $2,400 for 6 weeks, $2,050 for 5 weeks, $1,680 for 4 weeks, and $450 per week for Weeks 1, 2, or 3.

Horsemanship Camp

Our beautiful 100-acre campus, located in the famous Main Line section of suburban Philadelphia, houses a variety of playing fields, stables, and swimming pools.

Camp includes a daily riding lesson, stable management, swimming and sports and leadership activities!

Ages 9-14 years old, co ed

No previous riding experience necessary.

Camp runs Monday- Friday, 9am-4pm. Before and after care available 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm at no extra charge.

Cost: $450

Dates: July 23-27

To register, please visit

Band Camp

Don’t wait until September to start playing your instrument!  Get a head start by participating in our Valley Forge Summer Music Program.  Course to include Instrumental music classes, music theory, rhythm training, and a special music presentation.  Campers will also have the opportunity to participate in daily sports and leadership activities!

Open to rising 5th graders to rising 10th graders.

Camp runs Monday- Friday, 9am-4pm. Before and after care available 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm at no extra charge.

Cost: $450 (Instrument rentals $50)

Dates: July 23-27

To register, please visit

Premium Activities

Premium Activities are offered for junior fitness, fitness, and day camps. Campers must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 weeks to participate in any premium activity. Campers may enroll in no more than two (2) Premium Activities. Premium activities run for 5 weeks from June 18 to July 20, 2018.

 Band, $500 ($250 – 2 weeks)

Get a head start or keep up your studies with a concert band camp elective! This course is designed to help the musician get a head start on the upcoming school year. Ages 9 and up.

College SAT Prep, $500 ($250 – 2 weeks)

Recommended for grades 10-12, instructors are certified teachers. Campers will do practice tests and receive practice test books as part of the course fee.

Cooking, $375 ($190 – 2 weeks)

Our culinary chef will provide hands on cooking training from basic skills to preparation of dishes and desserts for other campers.

Discover SCUBA, $275: 2 days weekly / 3 hours

This PADI certified course teaches campers the basics of using SCUBA gear, breathing, and safety techniques. The course is taught in the indoor pool on our campus. This is only a 2 week course.


Horsemanship, $425 ($220 – 2 weeks)

Campers will learn the basics of riding horses and caring for them in our campus stables. Our on campus staff has years of riding experience to share with your child.

Marksmanship, $375 ($190 – 2 weeks)

Our basic rifle marksmanship course is designed to teach the fundamentals, principles, and techniques of riflery, using a combination of air and small bore rifles. Campers will be required to take a 2 day safety course before they can go into the range. The range is on our campus in Mellon Hall. Advanced class offered for those who have taken marksmanship at Valley Forge in a previous summer.

Mathematics, $500 ($250 – 2 weeks)

Recommended for all grade levels to enhance mathematics skills. Small groups work with a certified teacher.

Reading and Writing, $500 ($250 – 2 weeks)

Recommended for all grade levels to enhance reading and writing skills. Small groups work with a certified teacher.

Camp Fair Dates

Attend any of our on campus open houses and automatically receive a $50 discount and a raffle entry for a free week of camp tuition.

On Campus Open Houses

Please email the camp office at or call us at 610-989-1253 if you would like to attend any of the on campus open houses and we will make sure to reserve a spot!

Valley Forge Camp Life


Our barracks on campus provide two-person rooms that have bunk beds and individual desks and wall lockers. If you would like your camper to room with someone specific, please let us know. There is also a recreational room where the campers will be bunking that has a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, TVs, DVD player, as well as video games. This will be an option for the campers only after their rooms are inspected and clean.


The Academy Regimental Mess serves 3 meals per day. There are also barbecues and cookouts and other special occasions where different food options are available. Please be sure to share any food allergies or dietary restrictions your camper may have and we will work to accommodate those special requests. Specialty options such as birthday cakes and pizza parties can be arranged with Sodexo prior or during camp.


Our Summer Camp Staff of approximately 50 caring men and women includes camp commandants, assistant commandants, counselors, teaching faculty, sports coordinators, medical staff, food service staff, and other personnel. Our staff are either from the local area or international locales. At Valley Forge we maintain a camper to counselor ratio of seven to one or better and academic courses have class sizes between five and ten campers to one teacher, depending on subject and age group.

Cell-Phone Policy

Any camper who brings a cell phone MUST turn it in to the Head Commandant and will be permitted to use it only at certain times during the camp week. We have adopted this policy due to lost or stolen cell phones, inappropriate use of text messaging and picture taking. We encourage campers to participate in sporting activities and socialize with friends instead of relying on cell phones.

Staying in Touch by Phone 

Parents may call the camper’s barracks to speak with the Commandant and hear how their child is doing. If the camper has a cell phone, he or she will be permitted to use it only during designated times. Campers without cell phones will be allowed to use the barracks phone during designated times.

Please Note: If you would like to check in on your camper, it is best to contact your camper’s Commandant directly, not the camp office.  Campers are all over the campus during the day and we ask that during the camp day parents do not call unless it’s a true emergency.  Calls are better suited during the evening hours 7pm and 9:30pm.

Staying in Touch by Mail

Campers should come prepared with pens or pencils, stationery, and self-addressed stamped envelopes to write home about their adventures. Remember that your camper has a busy schedule. Do not be surprised if their letters are brief. You can show your love and care for your camper by sending return letters and/or packages. Remember to label all packages appropriately with their name and camp (e.g. Raider, Fitness Ranger, etc.). Mail will be distributed to the campers once daily, either at second mess (lunch) or third mess (dinner), depending on their activities.

Important Health Information

Medical Support

Minor ailments are treated promptly by our athletic training staff.

Parental Notification

We will do our best to contact the parent/guardian immediately by phone when a camper is referred to the Hospital for emergency treatment and prior to outside consultations.

Insurance Card

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to obtain appropriate referrals/clearances from primary physicians and insurance carriers. All parents/guardians must include a copy (both sides) of all medical/dental/prescription cards in the event that a camper requires referral to an emergency room, outside consultant or needs a prescription filled. All excess charges may be billed to the parent/guardian.

Pre-existing Conditions

All conditions requiring specific restrictions from physical activities must be documented by the camper’s physician. Special circumstances aside, all campers will be expected to fully participate in all physical activities. Conditions not disclosed to the staff that could cause harm to the camper will not be the responsibility of the VFMA Summer Camp.

Physical Exams

All campers (old and new) are required to have a physical exam completed.

Immunization Record

Please, note that immunizations records are mandatory. Campers cannot be admitted without current immunizations.

TB test results are mandatory prior to arrival at camp. If the test is not completed, one will be done at an additional cost.


All campers must turn in any medication, whether over the counter or prescription, for review and safekeeping. There may be a few exceptions such as inhalers and some topical agents. Physician’s documentation to outline usage and dosage during course of medication should accompany all prescriptions.

English Language (ESL) Summer Program

The ESL Summer Program is for students entering grades 7-12 in the 2018-2019 academic school year.

The Valley Forge Military Academy & College ESL Summer Program is a four-week program designed for students who want to gain academic proficiency with the English language as well as the cultural competency necessary to succeed in the American classroom. The program includes language instruction, practical and theoretical leadership training, experiential learning trips, cultural immersion and exploration.

2018 ESL Summer Program Flyer

ESL Summer Program Details

Dates: July 15-August 19
Arrival Date: July 15 9:00am – Noon
Ages: For students entering grades 7-12 in the 2018-2019 academic school year
Cost: $7,000 USD (includes tuition, room & board, books, trips, activities. health insurance fee is additional.*)
Apply: Complete the appropriate application below.

  • Application for students attending only the ESL Summer Program
  • Application for students attending the ESL Summer Program and VFMAC in the Fall.

Your application is not complete without our required medical forms.

Please be sure all of the following documents are included with your application:

  • Completed Enrollment Form
  • Copy of passport
  • Current 5cm x 5cm passport photo
  • Medical forms
  • $500 deposit fee
  • Proof of insurance (for non-VF students)

Mail to:
Valley Forge Military Academy & College
Office of Academy Admissions
Attn: ESL Summer Program

1001 Eagle Road
Wayne, PA, 19087

For assistance please contact:
Erica Diaz
Phone: 610-989-1561

ESL Summer Program Components

Academic English Language Training

Students will prepare for the upcoming academic year with English language instruction that will focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking, and critical thinking skills. Students will take a placement exam to determine the course level that will best support their needs. Courses focus on language found in a variety of academic and cultural contexts to prepare students for the subjects they will encounter in the American classroom.

Leadership Training

Students will participate in leadership training based on the Five Cornerstones upon which Valley Forge has built an international reputation: Academic Excellence, Personal Motivation, Character Development, Physical Development, and Leadership. The goal of the leadership training is for students to develop an awareness of their leadership potential and learn the necessary critical thinking skills that will enable them to act responsibly, succeed academically, and meet the challenges in their personal and academic lives.

American Culture and Recreation

Students will venture into the community on organized experiential learning trips to complete academic, leadership, and cultural projects and to enjoy all the Philadelphia area has to offer. Students will visit historic sites, parks, and museums, attend sporting events, participate in recreational activities, and experience American culture.

Health Insurance Cost

For students who are enrolled in the ESL Summer Program, and will continue in the fall semester at the Academy or College, the annual cost of health insurance is $1,250.00, and the insurance will be valid beginning July 15.

For students who are only enrolling in the ESL Summer Program, and will not attend VFMAC in the fall semester, the cost of insurance is $450.00 for two months, valid beginning July 15.

ESL Summer Program Curriculum

Program Tracks:

Skill Level  

100 Level

200 Level

300 Level




Program Components Intensive English Language(Core Skills Course)* Intensive English Language (Core Skills Course)* Intensive Academic English (Core Skills Course)*
English Language Electives English Language Electives English Language Electives
Afternoon Community Interaction/Culture Trips Afternoon Community Interaction/Culture Trips Afternoon Community Interaction/Culture Trips
Full Day Weekend Trips Full Day Weekend Trips Full Day Weekend Trips
Life Skills/Leadership Training Leadership Training Leadership Training
Recreational Activities Recreational Activities Recreational Activities
Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall


ESL Summer Program Activities

Community Interaction and Cultural Activities

One afternoon per week, students will take experiential learning field trips to participate in American culture, interact with the local community, and complete projects, photo scavenger hunts, and other task-based group projects assigned in their Core English class.


One day per week, students will take a day-long excursion. Trips include: Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, Hershey Park, and various local attractions.

Campus Activities

Students will have an opportunity to participate in activities taking place on campus in the afternoon and occasional evening. Activities include swimming and sports.

Study Hall

From Sunday-Thursday evenings, students will have the opportunity to complete homework assignments and projects in a controlled and quiet setting in their barracks or in the library.

My 10-year old son has attended VFMA summer camp during the past two summers. He was at camp for the maximum number of weeks both times. He had a great time with his fellow campers and developed a close rapport with many of the camp counselors. All of the activities kept him busy and engaged. He particularly enjoyed the horsemanship classes. He really liked all of the trips that the campers went on such as Dorney Park, Great Adventure and Camel Beach. The structure and daily routine kept my son from languishing his summer away. When on the last day of camp for the past two years, his eyes welled up at the thought of leaving VFMA, I was certain that he had the time of his life. We’re looking forward to bringing him back next year.

Joseph Haddock

Father of Summer Camp Attendee

Our 12-year old son had a great time at Valley Forge Summer Camp. He really enjoyed being on the campus and being around the other boys. He enjoyed meeting boys from other countries and he really enjoyed the camp staff. His attendance at summer camp significantly contributed to his 7th grade transition as a plebe at Valley Forge Military Academy for the fall semester. Being familiar with the dorm rooms and the campus made his transition much easier. Whether or not your son is planning to attend VFMA as a cadet, we highly recommend the summer camp. It truly was a great experience for our son and we are so glad that he was able to attend.

Tim Newland

Father of Summer Camp Attendee


Established in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy & College is seen as an international leadership institution, comprised of a middle school, high school, and college. The College is also known and has been designated by the Governor and Legislature as the Military College of Pennsylvania™.