Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Even though fewer than three percent of VFMA graduates enter military service, the discipline of military like training is helpful now and in the future.

A Super Squad competition introduced Cadets to a variety of military exercises and had them collaborating in super ways. Working together, Cadets developed a 3-D navigation plan to penetrate a building, worked together to build a rope bridge using special knots and constructing a seat to traverse the bridge.

They learned medivac procedures and how to transport casualties. Weapons training and target competition, and other challenges put on display the teachings and learnings of VFMA and its Corps of Cadets.

The most important part of the exercise was the value the Cadets experienced relying on one another so they succeeded as a Squad. The winners included the overall winning Squad was: 1st Place BN Staff; 2nd Place Alpha; 3rd Place Band/E Battery; and 4th Place Bravo. Top Gun Awards went to Cadet Montes, Alpha Company; Cadet Porkhun, Bravo Company; Cadets Nantasi and Grainela, Band and E Battery; and BN Staff Cadets Lewis, C Reed, and Martelly. Spirit Awards went to Cadet Zazarino, Alpha Company; Cadet Muller, Bravo Company; Cadet Chan, Band and E Battery; and Cadet Goodwin, BN Staff.