Valley Forge Military Academy and College


The Valorant team took on the Mendham Minutemen in the redemption bracket of the Valorant East league. While tied after the first round and an early lead, VFMA Cadets were bested in the final game with a score 7-13. Despite enormous effort and skill by the team’s Cadets Ross, Niemeyer, Shan, Manalo, Collins and Bradley, they did not make the playoffs but are highly motivated to try again in the spring semester.

The Brawlhalla team had a different outcome. Cadets Graniela found himself as the 30th seed in the championship bracket, facing off against a student from WP Davidson High School. Cadet Graniela had an extremely hard-earned 3-0. His opponent fought hard and in a very close match, Cadet Graniela found himself on top, winning the overall set 3-1 earning him a spot in the next round of the tournament. Cadet Labranche moved forward in the Bounceback Invitational bracket as his opponent defaulted.

In the next round, Cadet Graniela finally met his match, giving it his all but falling short and losing the match 1-3. Most of the sets were very close, the final being either 2-3 or 3-2. Cadet Lebranche also met quite a formidable opponent, losing his overall match 0-3. Both Cadets had a blast. Fueled by his competitive spirit, Cadet Graniela asked immediately when the nest season starts!

Both teams are ready for the spring season and start with a scrimmage in early February. In addition, members of the new plebe class have expressed interest in e-Sports so the talent pool is increasing.