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Valley Forge Military Academy & College News – FALL, 2022

A Letter from the President

Dear Forge Family,

Welcome to the Fall ’22 edition of The Forge. Like any school, the fall is a very busy time here at VFMAC. And this edition reflects only a portion of the activities required to educate future leaders for a global society.

That is what we do here and that mission is never far from our minds. When you review these stories, you will learn the traditions of the Forge Stakes and the Crucible continue to stand the test of time and our Cadets continue to reach the high standards demanded of them. You will learn about how both VFMA and VFMC have enrolled three Cadets from Ukraine whose education has been disrupted by the war there. The VFMC’s Citizen Leader program is featured and there is a new section called Museum Moment where some of the treasures VFMAC has in the museum are introduced. And there is TAPS – where we honor those alumni who have passed.

Your continued support of VFMAC helps us day after month after year stay focused on providing a top-flight fine education for our Cadets. We really appreciate it and are proud to share some highlights of it here with you now.


Col. Stuart B. Helgeson, USMCR Retired,

President, Valley Forge Military Academy & College

Ms. Lauren Wochok opened the fall academic year as dean of Valley Forge Military Academy. She replaced Paul Lea, IV who was named president of

The 95th Corps of Cadets arrived like all other classes of plebes – with uncertainty about what awaited them and full heads of hair. The

US Army Sergeant Kathleen Dougherty has been named Bandmaster at Valley Forge Military Academy and College. She replaced Bandmaster Vincent DeMarro who retired after several

For many in the world, the war in Ukraine is a terrible news story – one watched with disbelief and horror. For Cadets Vladyslav Biblyi,

The fall 22 academic year brought new and tighter regulations for mobile phones among the Corps of Cadets. The policy is simple: nobody has one.

With College comes a sought level of independent living for students. It is no different at VFMC. Twenty apartments have been refurbished and are welcoming

They stood on the Main Area wondering if they had made the worst decision of their life.  Their parents had just dropped them off three

Fall Field Exercises took VFMC Army ECP Cadets to Fort Indiantown Gap for a weekend of great Army training. Cadets were flown in a Chinook

The HR McMaster Center for Security Studies Speaker Series at VFMC opened in the fall. Kicking off the series was Marc Ferraro, Executive Deputy Secretary

On June 6, 1944, the future of the world rested in the hands of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander of all forces

The NE Ohio Alumni Regiment was host to other Regiments including representation from Washington, D.C.’s National Capitol Regiment, the Western Pennsylvania Regiment and the Michigan

Reverend Anthony Morris, M.A. has been named Chaplain at Valley Forge Military Academy & College. He serves the Corps of Cadets in interfaith spiritual leadership.

There is one building on campus which plebes, Cadets, faculty and staff learn about on arrival: the chow hall – home to breakfast, lunch and

Cadets at VFMAC work hard. It starts early and ends late, and in between is high level academics, mandatory study hall, PT, clubs, sports, band

The tradition of wearing a school ring dates back to 1835 and has military roots. The first class rings were worn by those at the

Using statistics about fans in stands and watching at home along with endorsements and advertising support, the digital sports media outlet Sporty Tell reports soccer

The e-Sports industry is estimated to be worth $1billion and is projected to grow 25 percent by next year. The popularity on the VFMA campus

VFMAC’s Cross Country teams made notable marks across the league this fall. The College team, coached by Michael Pachella, consisted of 12 runners – 10

VFMA football has a new turf field for this season, 30 new players on the roster, and a schedule that has them playing traditionally challenging

Kabine Conde was a Cadet who made himself known as an academic and an athlete. Enrolling at VFMA in his junior year, Cadet Conde played

Eisenhower Hall is among the most visible and heavily used on campus, and it bears the name of one of the most admired and respected

Giving Tuesday is traditionally the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. For 2022, it will be Tuesday, November 29th. Established only a decade ago, it is intended as

With Physical development a Cornerstone of life at VFMAC, making sure the equipment and facilities are in place to support it are crucial. A generous

Honoring VFMAC's Fallen Heroes

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