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About Our Tour Guide

Our guide, Bill Ridley, has proudly served and traveled the world. Learn from his experiences while building your own!

Join us for a unique travel experience when The Forge goes Abroad. You will be guided by:

Bill Ridley
Director of International Programs

Bill Ridley, COL. (Ret), is a retired U.S. Army Officer and VFMAC Alumnus ’64.

Ridley is the Director of International Programs at VFMAC, a USA and War College graduate, and  Historian on D-Day and the Normandy campaign of WWII.

To learn more and register, please contact:

VFMAC Travel

1001 Eagle Road | Attn: Mr. Tom Goldblum | Wayne, PA 19087 |

(703) 250-4242 or (610) 989-1329