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Upcoming Trips: 


August 14th – 28th, 2022

  • Explore the D-Day Beaches & Bunkers

  • Walk the Drop Zones & Battlefields

  • Discover the Strategic & Tactical Sites

  • Meet French People there on D-Day

  • Experience the Culture, History, and Texture of Normandy, France




Due to travel circumstances beyond our control, the Forge London trip had to be postponed until further arrangements can be made. Please check back for updates.

  • Visit the British Parliament Building & Stand by Big Ben

  • Explore British Prime Minister Winston Churchill WW II War Rooms

  • Relish the Splendor of the Horse Guards Parade & the “Beating Retreat” Ceremony

  • In the Imperial War Museum, Learn the Wartime History of British & Commonwealth forces Since 1914

  • Discover the Charm of Windsor Castle and the
    Infamous History of the Tower of London

  • Experience the Pomp & Ceremony, the Culture, the History and Texture of London, England

To learn more and register, please contact:

VFMAC Travel

1001 Eagle Road | Attn: Mr. Tom Goldblum | Wayne, PA 19087 |

(703) 250-4242 or (610) 989-1329

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