Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Shannon Hall has welcomed new instructors to an already robust roster of teachers.

Mr. Robert Walesyn teaches Physical Education and Health. For more than 20 years, he has focused on educating, supporting and motivating youth in health, fitness, and wellness education. With Physical Development as one of the Five Cornerstones, Mr. Walesyn aims at influencing others to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle. A graduate of West Chester University, he has two Bachelors of Science degrees; one in Health & Physical Education with certification to teach in grades K-12, and another in Kinesiology/Fitness with minors in Health and another in Nutrition.  

His educational background and career experiences bring a level of knowledge to teach all aspects of health, nutrition, anatomy/physiology, strength & conditioning, and physical education to VFMA Cadets.

Ms. Briget O’Leary brings more than 25 years of teaching experience to VFMA. She holds a BS in English Education from West Chester University and an MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Portland State University.

VFMA Cadets in 7th and 8th grade benefit from her English instruction and Cadets in all grades undergo leadership classes where she teaches students how to manage finances, how to work together in committees and teams, and how to manage projects with delegation.

A hallmark of Ms. O’Leary is that years of experience does not mean there isn’t more left to learn and as a teacher, she is always on a quest to learn more.

Steven Polgar brings more than 20 years of teaching experience in public and private schools in Philadelphia middle and high schools, and at the college and university level as well. He has taught math and English at Camden County College, and algebra, statistics, and calculus, at Rowan, Widener and St. Joseph’s Universities.

He will teach Pre-Algebra in grades 7-8 and Algebra II in grades 9-11 at VFMA. Among the things of which Mr. Polgar is most proud is guiding students of various abilities and backgrounds to work and study hard so they can achieve their full academic potential.

Welcome to Mr. Walesyn, Ms. O’Leary, and Mr. Polgar.