Valley Forge Military Academy and College

New for this academic year is the Commander’s Cup competition. Established in 2022 by MSgt Marco Lopez, VFMA TAC officer, the Commander’s Cup competition is intended to challenge Cadets at VFMA and other military schools in a series of drills to be judged by commanding leadership from each school.

“We know how well our Cadets train toward achieving the Five Cornerstones,” said MSgt Lopez. “Other schools develop their Cadets in the same manner and I thought it might sharpen the intentions among competing schools to hold a competition and came up with the Commander’s Cup.

For the inaugural event, VFMA competed with the Philadelphia Military Academy on the VFMA campus.

The competition includes two teams – one from VFMA and one from Philadelphia Military Academy, and took place on VFMA’s campus. Each team exhibited their skills in basketball, drill, swimming, obstacle course, Tug-of-war, and a three-mile relay.

“This is good natured competition and the comradery among the individual teams and the respect each showed to one another is a testament to the maturity and development of the Cadets from each school,” said MSgt Lopez.

In the events, the drill was a tie between the schools. In the other events, VFMA came out on top meaning they won the inaugural event. The trophy is on display in Shannon Hall and will be defended next fall in the second annual Commander’s Cup.