Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Three Cadets – two from VFMA and one from VFMC participated in the annual Military School Band and Choir Festival. The event brings together musicians representing military schools around the country.

“This is an event which calls upon those who really excel at their instruments,” said SGT Kathleen Dougherty, band master at VFMAC. “Participants audition and then practice specific and typically new pieces of music which are then performed two days later.”

The Cadets who participated are Cadet Sean Story and Cadet Eluziyah Pierre, representing VFMA and Cadet Dreyson Hill, representing VFMC. Cadet Story placed fifth out of 17 trumpets, Cadet Pierre placed second out of 10 Alto saxophones, and Cadet Hill placed first out of eight trombones, and earned a silver medal for being the section leader.

“Here on campus, we get to hear the band play regularly and can become accustomed to just how good they sound,” said SGT Dougherty. “When we have the opportunity to hear bands from other schools and see our Cadets perform, it is a reminder that there is a lot of talent here. They represented VFMAC very well among peer schools.”