Valley Forge Military Academy and College

The global impact of Valley Forge Military Academy & College has long been evidenced by the number of international students choosing to attend here. And now for the first time, VFMAC will have a footprint overseas.

VFMAC has entered into an agreement with Doha, Qatar-based Global Institute Studies (GSI) to establish the Valley Forge Academy — the first international American school for boys there.

“Our institutions share a commitment to educating the whole person around Five Cornerstones – Cornerstones which are universal to developing scholars and leaders,” said Colonel Stuart B. Helgeson, USMCR (Ret), President of Valley Forge Military Academy and College. “We are thrilled that this model of education has taken root in Qatar and look forward to a long partnership.”

Valley Forge Academy Qatar will model itself around the Five Cornerstones, benefitting from a governance overlap and shared co-curricular programs with VFMAC US. The Five Cornerstones are: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development, and Leadership. The military model of the school is expected to be different than that of VFMAC.

Administrative and academic leadership there includes Eng. Saad Ebrahim Almuhannadi, Chairman of Valley Forge Academy Qatar, Dr Mohamed Dobashi, Managing Director of Valley Forge Academy Qatar, and Clare Sharp, Lower School Principal of Valley Forge Academy Qatar.

Eng. Saad Ebrahim Almuhannadi, Chairman of Valley Forge Academy Qatar said, “Our partnership with Valley Forge Military Academy and College to open Qatar’s campus reflects the need to educate young men in Qatar with the best education available in the region to support the country’s vision for its youth, to grow into responsible men that will create a prosperous, successful future for the State of Qatar, the region, and the world at large.”

The state-of-the-art campus in what is known as the Aspire Zone 2. Valley Forge Academy Qatar will deliver an American curriculum while focusing on Qatari culture, Arabic language and Islamic teachings combined with physical excellence.

Col. Helgeson and Mrs. Stephanie Helgeson, director of development, VFMAC, traveled to Doha, Qatar to participate in the announcement of the school’s construction. “Watching the construction of what is becoming a state-of-the-art campus is exciting,” said Col. Helgeson. “We are thrilled to be a partner with this institution.”

Overall, Valley Forge Academy Qatar’s intent is to create Qatar’s leaders of tomorrow in Business, Social, Academic, Diplomatic, Sports, Research, Engineering and Education by providing a holistic learning environment to enable graduates to become educated and disciplined citizens of character.

“Valley Forge Academy, Qatar is tangible acknowledgement that the VFMAC model of education works, and that the education of young men must include more than what can be obtained from textbooks alone,” said Colonel Helgeson. “With this institution’s commitment to educate the whole person, it is striding toward educating future leaders not only for Qatar but the world over.”

Similar to VFMAC US, Valley Forge Academy Qatar will offer unique programs in STEM activities, Sports, e-Sports, academic competitions including Debate Team and Model UN, and Music and Theatre contribute to the growth of its students outside the classroom.

“Both institutions bear great responsibility to those students entrusted to our care. We have a charge to grow them into students of the world and leaders of tomorrow – to help them envision something more and something better, and to help them find their roles in it,” said Colonel Helgeson.

Valley Forge Academy is set to open in August 2022.