Proud of our past and the future we will create

Step on campus and you can feel the pride—it comes from many many years of creating traditions. Traditions which have shaped young men and women into leaders here, in our great nation, and across the globe.


Established in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy & College is seen as an international leadership institution, comprised of a lower school, high school, and college. Located in Wayne, Pa., 16 miles from Philadelphia, VFMAC offers both commuting and boarding options for students. The College is also known as and has been designated by the Governor and Legislature as The Military College of Pennsylvania™.

Overall the mission of Valley Forge Military Academy & College is to educate cadets within an academic and military environment to be fully prepared for their responsibilities as citizen leaders who are mentally alert, sound in body, considerate of others and possessed of the highest sense of duty, honor, loyalty and courage. To foster the love of God and country, high moral standards and strong character traits that will make all cadets a credit to themselves, their families, their alma mater, their country, and their God.

The vision of VFMAC is to be a shining beacon, calling young people from throughout the world to come together to develop to their full intellectual, physical, moral and leadership potential through the structure and inspiration provided by the Valley Forge tradition of excellence.

The philosophy of VFMAC is to improve the total individual in a comprehensive system of self and group improvement. The institution seeks to educate every cadet in a manner that contributes to and reinforces the cadet’s capabilities to confidently seek and pursue the challenges of life. Valley Forge pursues this goal by using the holistic academic and military environment as the integrative mechanism to prepare its graduates to become educated citizen leaders of character. The dynamics of our tightly structured and supervised cadet-led community inculcate commitment to responsible and informed citizenship in a democratic society. Valley Forge’s military school education helps our graduates gain the abilities and aspirations to effectively confront and resolve the problems of life, both public and private.

Building Leaders by Developing the Whole Person

Both an academic and military environment, VFMAC builds leaders by developing the whole person. Our international reputation is based on a foundation that is summarized by Five Cornerstones: academic excellence, character development, personal motivation, physical development, and leadership. The goal of the five cornerstones is to help students reach their academic potential and to achieve success not only in the classroom, but beyond the classroom as well. From its cadet leadership ranks to the rifle club to its award winning equestrian program, VFMAC teaches students leadership and responsibility in practical ways.

Academic Excellence

Our dedicated faculty develops cadets with the knowledge to thrive in a four-year college, in their careers and throughout their lives.

Character Development

Cadets learn to contribute to society while maintaining our high standards of character and love of country.

Personal Motivation

Through teamwork, organizational pride and establishing and achieving personal goals, each cadet learns to strive for excellence.

Physical Development

Through physical education and athletic competition, each cadet learns the habits and attitudes necessary for lifelong physical wellness.


Through a structured environment cadets learn individual responsibility and gain the ability to become citizen leaders.

Our Founder: Lieutenant General Milton G. Baker

Lieutenant General Milton Grafly Baker, Pennsylvania National Guard, (Ret.), founded Valley Forge Military Academy & College in 1928 and was active as the Superintendent and Superintendent Emeritus until his death in 1976. During this time, LTG Baker produced quality young officers for the Armed Services of the United States from VFMAC and graduated some of the most successful people from business, literature, the arts, politics and the military in the world.

LTG Baker served as a member of the Selective Service Board during World War II under the appointment of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the regional coordinator of Civil Defense activities and later on the Defense Department’s Reserve Policy Board under Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson.

LTG Baker established friendships and patronage for Valley Forge from Generals George C. Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Matthew B. Ridgway, and many more. To this day LTG Baker is considered a legend at VFMAC and will remain so as long as there are alumni and cadets to remember his accomplishments.

Established in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy has a long tradition of instilling values and building self-confidence to prepare tomorrow’s leaders. VFMA is an independent, private, college preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12 founded with the purpose to “meet the crying need for the education of America’s youth.” After surviving a first year fire, VFMA has continued to expand its educational and athletics programs and facilities for its students and faculty. The Academy offers college preparatory academics, credentialed faculty, competitive PIAA athletics, and individual attention, providing cadets with an environment focused on their academic success. On average, ninety-five percent of Academy graduates enter college after high school. VFMA is dedicated to idea that it will provide education to students of “good moral character”.

Since 1935, Valley Forge Military College has earned a reputation as a well-renowned co-educational, accredited two-year private college. Young men and women come to VFMC to hold themselves to a higher standard of education enrolling in academic programs which lead to AA, AS or ABA degrees. Our dedicated scholar-practitioners are experts in their fields and focused on teaching as their first priority. Student achievement is recognized in honor societies and academic accolades. The College continues to expand its courses and facilities which include; science labs, music practice rooms, athletic fields, a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts and an indoor polo pavilion. VFMC continues to be a “shining beacon” for young men and women by which they can develop their full potential.
Note: Women were not admitted into the College until the mid-2000’s


Established in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy & College is seen as an international leadership institution, comprised of a middle school, high school, and college. The College is also known and has been designated by the Governor and Legislature as the Military College of Pennsylvania™.