Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Mega-lab is an annual intense ROTC training event intended to prepare Cadets on key tasks critical to their upcoming Summer Training. This spring’s mega-lab focused on basic rifle marksmanship.

Hosted at Ft Dix, NJ, the three-day exercise included qualifying with an Army M-4 rifle. Before shooting on a range with live ammunition, Cadets received instruction on the basics of Army marksmanship, including shooting fundamentals and familiarization with the qualifications necessary for them to graduate from their summer training exercise.

“Our Cadets usually perform well above average and even out score some of the senior military colleges,” said Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Meyer, Professor of Military Science. “They were well-prepared for the exercise on the qualification range.” 

Not surprisingly, Cadets are graded based on how well they shoot. By hitting more than 23 of 40 targets on the qualification table, Cadets can earn the Army marksmanship badge. They qualify for sharpshooter distinction if they hit more than 30, and expert distinction if they hit more than 36. The badges can be worn on their VFMC parade dress uniform. This past mega-lab the program had 4 Cadets qualify as expert and 13 Cadets shot marksman.

Before heading to Ft. Dix, VFMC Cadets complete a thorough basic rifle marksmanship curriculum, including an introduction to Army marksmanship using the engagement skills trainer, a digital weapons familiarization system, and numerous repetitions on the VFMC rifle range. 

The mega-lab exercises are planned by VFMC Cadet leadership with oversight and coaching from VFMC ROTC cadre.